youGo Travel Insurance

youGo is a new travel insurance company based in Australia. Innate was charged to build the brand from the ground up. We set out to create a fun experience for adventurous travellers, ages 18-35.



YouGo was born out of Cover-More's need for a completely stripped down yet customizable travel insurance product.

Design Direction

A younger audience afforded us the opportunity to illustrate something fun and energetic. We designed 'you' through a character that we internally dubbed Hugo. Hugo is continually illustrated in different places doing different activities with different people to demonstrate all that you can do and all that youGo Travel Insurance can cover.

Hugo Space Hugo

User Interface

We also decided to break the mold of your typical insurance quoting interface. We challenged the conventional with unique layouts thought the site.

youGo views youGo screens


Being a new brand, youGo had no name recognition. We went to work on a marketing campaign using Google remarketing, social media, Spotify internet radio, and YouTube to touch this younger audience and get the word out.

Launched in early 2014, youGo continues to grow as a real contender in Australia's vast travel insurance landscape.

Visit to see the site in action!

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