GEICO's Money Badger Strikes! iAd

With GEICO's latest iAd, we set out to meld eye-popping artistry with touch-based interactivity to create a truly unforgettable user experience. Using a combination of stop-motion animation and digital enhancement, Innate executed an iAd based on a relatable experience--your extra cash suddenly disappears thanks to yet another pesky circumstance.


Inventing the Badger

We personified this situation with an actual character that persistently steals your money. The game goes through three scenarios in which the Money Badger tries to steal the player's money, and the player must tap or swipe the screen in order to stop him.


Creating the World

Innate's design team hand-crafted three-dimensional models of all the characters and environments featured in the iAd. The aesthetic was inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, and each detail was custom-made in a whimsical and engaging style.


The Making of Money Badger Strikes!

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