Cover-More New Zealand

Cover-More is a specialist and integrated travel insurance and medical assistance provider, with the leading and growing market position in Australia and a growing footprint in Asia. The Cover‑More New Zealand site needed a facelift to clean up graphic styles and make the quote process friendly, easy, and navigable.

Cover-More New Zealand


The quote process is integral to the sales of Cover-More insurance. We made the quote interface front and center, with clearly marked steps for the user.

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We used a 2/3 grid system with interior pages utilizing a simple sidebar. All interior pages have a sidebar that holds contact information and testimonial videos, as well as agent log-in.

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nz on laptop Icon styles were developed in line with existing Cover-More branding to be used throughout the site.

Putting It All Together

After working with Cover-More through their corporate rebranding effort, it was time to move the New Zealand site from the Travelsure brand into the Cover-More family. The Innate team worked to create an open environment that allowed for not only the creation of dynamic content when the quote process is started, but also kept the search relevance high. To see this in action, visit the site and try selecting a region and then country you are traveling to and you'll see the content on the page below change to reflect highlights of the country or area. Don't miss the Cassoulet recipe under France, it is delicious.

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